Letter from the Dean


Daniel Brown, PharmD

Is CHSU the Place for You?

As you peruse our website, I encourage you to explore CHSU beyond the basic information that appears on the surface, so you can discover the foundations upon which our College of Pharmacy is built.  There are three basic factors that largely define the student experience at CHSU.

100% Student Success is Our #1 Goal

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure that all students succeed, and we are not satisfied with anything less than 100% success.  We define 100% student success as, a) everyone graduates on time, b) everyone passes NAPLEX and CPJE on the first try, and c) every graduate secures employment in a job that is a good fit.  We believe that greatness already lies within every student and our job is simply to help them unleash it.

Team-Based Learning is the Best Form of Instruction

For pharmacists to assume expanded responsibilities as health care providers, they must be able to make good clinical decisions on behalf of their patients, and that requires good critical thinking skills.  Team-Based Learning (TBL) is one of the most powerful teaching methods ever developed for enabling students to strengthen their critical thinking.  TBL also helps students learn how to function more effectively as part of a team.  It is the method used exclusively by CHSU faculty to deliver classroom instruction.  TBL involves a lot more work for faculty than traditional lecture, but we consider the deeper learning that results to be well worth the effort.  After all, pharmacy is a team sport.

Growth Transcends Learning

At CHSU, we encourage students to grow, not just learn.  Growth means always striving to improve, and as long as students and faculty remain focused on growth, failure is never final and success is always within reach.  As poet William Butler Yeats once wrote, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”  We strive to “light a fire” in our students, inspiring them to grow continually.  We also provide students with powerful tools that they can use to grow on their own—not just in knowledge, but in attitude, character, commitment—in matters of the heart.  We guide students to grow holistically in ways that make them better people and better professionals.

The three factors that define the CHSU experience were not strategically planned.  They evolved naturally from a culture and a set of values that put the student first.  I welcome you to experience it for yourself.  You might discover that CHSU really is the place for you!


Daniel Brown, PharmD
Dean, College of Pharmacy