The Office of Institutional Assessment, Effectiveness, Research, and Compliance (OIAERC) works to advance the mission of CHSU and the College of Pharmacy through fostering a culture of continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness. The OIAERC promotes a culture of assessment across the institution by providing leadership in developing a comprehensive and sustainable program of assessment and institutional research used for data-driven decision making and quality improvement for student learning and success.

In support of its mission, the OIAERC provides leadership in developing, implementing, and managing integrated student outcomes assessment processes for all administrative, academic, co-curricular, and student affairs programs. The office provides institution-wide data collection and analysis for evidence-based decision making and planning, and supports university accreditation efforts. The OIAERC also supports compliance efforts through oversight of the institution’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process.


Promote a culture of assessment.
Implement best practices for planning, assessment, institutional research and effectiveness efforts.
Support the assessment cycle in assessing student learning and success at all levels of both the academic and co-curricular activities aligned with:

»Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs)
»Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)
»Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
Collect, analyze, interpret, and disseminate information collected from internal and external sources to CHSU staff, faculty, administration, students, and external stakeholders.
Provide leadership, guidance, and data analysis for all accreditation processes and reporting requirements.
Coordinate Program Review processes to inform and support the mission and strategic planning processes for all departments on campus.
Coordinate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes to support risk management and compliance procedures for all areas on campus.


Continuous ImprovementInnovation

For additional information, please contact:

Julie R. Marty-Pearson, PsyD
Director of Institutional Assessment, Effectiveness, Research, and Compliance (DIAERC)
Phone: 559-549-6352
Email: jmarty-pearson@chsu.org
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Developing a culture of assessment is an on-going process at CHSU. Assessment is being embedded in all academic and services areas on campus to promote and improve student learning as well as encourage the best professional experience for all students, staff, and faculty on campus. CHSU has developed an Institution-wide Assessment Plan that outlines the assessment activities for continuous quality improvement across campus.

CHSU has defined Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs) that the institution expects all students to achieve before graduation. The GLOs are linked to academic and co-curricular activities in order for tracking of GLO achievement for individual students and outcome-based assessment of the pharmacy program. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), which follow the educational outcomes outlined by the Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education (CAPE) 2013, have been mapped across the College of Pharmacy curriculum and aligned to all Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) within course syllabi.

Download the CHSU Assessment Configuration

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has developed and made available 15 rubrics through the VALUE Project that address essential learning outcomes. The AAC&U VALUE rubrics are being used by CHSU to assess the GLOs across learning activities and courses.

Individuals at AAC&U member institutions are welcome to reproduce the VALUE rubrics for use in the classroom and in intra-institutional publications. Please be sure to credit AAC&U using the following permission statement: “Reprinted [or Excerpted] with permission from [Title]. Copyright [Year] by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.” A permission fee will be assessed for requests to reprint the rubrics in course packets or in publications intended for sale. Please see AAC&U’s permission policies about how to request permission.

VALUE rubrics used at CHSU include:

» Civic Engagement

» Critical Thinking

» Intercultural Knowledge & Competence

» Lifelong Learning

» Oral Communication

» Problem Solving

» Teamwork

» Written Communication

All programs and service areas on campus involved in assessment activities are to complete an Assessment Reporting Form. This form (see link below) asks for general information regarding what assessment tool was used, any data collected, and general findings. The template also asks programs to complete the SII-assessment process which details the Strengths of the assessment (things done well), areas for Improvements and how they might be made, and Insights that might help in future assessment activities.

Assessment Reporting Form